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Meet the Team

Nathan White

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Hi my name is Nathan White, one of the founders of the company. I am the lead marketing and sales director for our organization. I have over 10 years in project management and over 12 in sales. I specialize in the customer experience and the perpetuation of our brand. My greatest joy and my reason for founding this company is to have a creative impact in our community by making your dreams a reality.

Joshua Sturtevant

Hey there, I’m Josh. I am a proud member of LNE, and love what I do. Most of my professional life has been spent working in industrial and tilt up construction. Structural and architectural excellence are words I live by and I would love to put these skills to work for you. I will improve your home with lasting quality and excellence with my passion for hard work and my keen attention to detail.

Thaddeus Kieswether

Hello, I’m Thaddeus. I am the expert operations manager here at LNE. If you’re looking for work done on your home or yard your journey starts with me. Coming from the Navy, I know how to put the boots on the ground, making sure that your home is improved with efficiency, clear communication, and the utmost level of excellence. I will have your renovations well coordinated and on schedule because your time and peace of mind are my highest priority.

Matthew Matte

Hi, my name’s Matthew, here to fulfill your renovation needs. My areas of expertise include tile work and landscaping, though I have a wide variety of skills that I can put to work for you. Coming from a four-star culinary background, my passion is to create and serve with the highest quality possible. With a passion for the Pacific Northwest, I have been a part of transforming our community by improving homes with LNE since its inception. Let me and the team make your house a home.

Lance Myers

Vice President of Operations

My name is Lance Myers, one of the founders of the company. I am the lead construction designer and project manager. I have over twelve years of experience in the construction/home remodel industry and have worked in many specialized trades over that time. The most enjoyable and fulfilling thing about my job is helping a client visualize what their home can become and then making that transformation come to life. If there’s anything that you don’t like about your house or property, I have the creativity and drive to come up with a solution to fit every need and the ability to make it a reality.

Eric Chen

Vice President of Technology

Hello! My name is Eric, one of the founders of the company. You probably won't interact directly with me, but rest assured that I'm working diligently behind the scenes to ensure our technology will meet your needs. I also contribute to various business objectives from providing smooth operations to fostering company growth. I have over 15 years of experience working for one of the big five tech companies, which I bring to LNE Construction.

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